Country Style Foods (Pvt) Ltd. was founded in 1981 to manufacture and market a range of food products under the brand name “SMAK” to meet the needs of the Sri Lankan and Export Markets.

From its humble beginning and through the years that followed the company went from strength to strength making “SMAK” brand a household name, closely associated with a mark of excellence in providing quality products to the Sri Lankan consumers.

SMAK is truly a Sri Lankan brand trusted by generations, enjoyed by millions; both young and old and has a taste that many Sri Lankans have grown up with. Today, SMAK has become one of the market leaders in the fruit drinks industry in Sri Lanka living up to its slogan “Full of Natural Goodness”.


To be among the corporate leaders in the natural based food and beverage industry and cater to a wide range of markets with a wide range of products.


To achieve total productivity in the natural based food and beverage industry, manufacturing under strict hygienic condition, being mindful of health and wealth of the entire society.