Being a company conscious of its social responsibility, Country Style Foods (Pvt) ltd. source only locally grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs as well as locally produced fresh milk in our manufacturing.

Through these initiatives, we are proud to say that we have been able to make a positive impact on the Agriculture Value Chain of Sri Lanka enabling us to support thousands of farming families from across the country through our purchasing efforts, while creating entrepreneurial opportunities across the value chain raising both the social and economic standards of all stakeholders.


Waste water management:

Our waste water treatment plant recycles waste water into re-usable, clean water that allows
us to use it for watering plants, washing vehicles etc.

Reduce waste by making compost from fruit waste:

Fruit waste such as, peels, rinds, seeds, stems and leftover pulp are used to make compost in our very own compost unit inside the premises. The compost is then used in our Weheragama plantation for Mango and Papaya cultivation.