Established in 1981, Country Style Foods (Pvt) Ltd. has now introduced a range of products under their brand name “SMAK”. Starting as a cottage industry from the kitchen of their residence at Maradana was just the beginning for the fruit beverage manufacturer, which was a pioneering effort.

With the advent of the open economy and the introduction of foreign brands and products to Sri Lanka which were made using advanced technology with high standards, the company had to face many obstacles including false propaganda against their products. SMAK products were brought to shelves, overcoming these obstacles with great difficulty.

At the beginning, the company did not succeed in selling even a mere hundred bottles per day. However, this very same company, by 1985, broke all barriers to become the most popular fruit drink in Sri Lanka.

An establishment formed by 3 brothers in the wake of many obstacles, believed that one day they would possess a large following for their products. This was a result of strong belief and confidence in their process and products and their unwavering quest to provide the very same to the public.